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Published Books



Current leishmaniasis drug discovery

Authors: Pinheiro, A. C.; De Souza, M. V. N. Source: Rsc Medicinal Chemistry, v. 13, p. 1029-1043, 2022 Publisher: Royal...

Novel Organic Salts Based on Mefloquine: Synthesis, Solubility, Permeability, and In Vitro Activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Authors: Silva, D.; Lopes, M. V. C.; Petrovski, ‘E.; Santos, M. M.; Santos, J. P.; Yamada-Ogatta, S. F.; Bispo, M....

In vitro and in silico trichomonacidal activity of 2,8-bis(trifluoromethyl) quinoline analogs against Trichomonas vaginalis

Authors: Alves, M. S. D.; Sena-Lopes, Â.; Das Neves, R. N.; Casaril, A. M.; Domingues, M.; Birmann, P. T.; Da...

Synthesis of primary amines from the reduction of aromatic nitro compounds through sustai-nable reaction protocols in aqueous medium

Authors: Bernardes, B.; Costa, T.; Silva, L.; Pinto, L.; Facchinetti, V.; De Souza, M. V. N; Vasconcelos, T. Source: Química...

Drug repurposing of baricitinib for the treatment of Covid-19

Autores: de Souza, M. V. N.; Facchinetti, V.; Aboud, K. C. L.; da Penha, L. B.; Gomes, C. R. B....

Synthesis and antimycobacterial evaluation of fluoroquinolones derivatives coupled with isoprenyl moiety at the C-7 position

Authors:Ribeiro, C. A.; Dos Reis, D. B.; Reis, I. F.; De Carvalho, A. N.; Lourenço, M. C. S.; De Souza,...

Exercises in Organic Synthesis
Based on Synthetic Drugs

Marcus Vinícius Nora de Souza

Exercises in Organic Synthesis Based on Synthetic Drugs, presents information on topics about the synthesis of biologically active compounds that are used against a variety of diseases in humans and animals. Topics are complemented by notes and exercises for students to encourage inquiry and learning in an academic setting. This is an essential textbook for students taking entry-level courses in organic chemistry, organic synthesis, and medicinal chemistry.