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[:pb]Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Quinoxalines – A Review[:]

[:pb]Authors: De Souza, M. V. N.; Gomes, C. R. B.; Facchinetti, V. Source: Current Microwave Chemistry, v. 04, p. 277-286, 2017 Publisher: Bentham Science Abstract Background: Quinoxaline is an important nucleus used in the development of novel potentially bioactive structures. Hence, the development of new methodologies that provide access to this scaffold in shorter times […]

[:pb]Crystal structures and Hirshfeld surfaces of differently substituted (E)-N′-benzyl­idene-N-methyl-2-(thio­phen-2-yl)acetohydrazides[:]

[:pb]Authors: Cardoso, L. N. F.; Nogueira, T. C. M.; Kaiser, C. R. ; Wardell, J. L.; De Souza, M. V. N.; Harrison, W. T. A. Source: Acta Crystallographica Section e, Crystallographic Communications, v. 73, p. 1636-1641, 2017 Publisher: Crystallographic Communications Abstract The syntheses and crystal structures of (E)-N′-(3-cyano­benzyl­idene)-N-methyl-2-(thio­phen-2-yl)acetohydrazide, C15H13N3OS, (I), and (E)-N′-(4-meth­oxy­benzyl­idene)-N-methyl-2-(thio­phen-2-yl)acetohydrazide, C15H16N2O2S, (II), with different substituents in […]

[:pb]N-acylhydrazones containing thiophene nucleus: a new anticancer class[:]

[:pb]Authors: Cardoso, L. N. F.; Nogueira, T. C. M.; Rodrigues, F. A. R.; Oliveira, A. C. A.; Luciano, M. C. S.; Pessoa, C.; De Souza, M. V. N. Source: Medicinal Chemistry Research, v. 26, p. 1605-1608, 2017 Publisher: Springer Abstract In this study, we present a series of N-acylhydrazones containing thiophene nuclei as a new anticancer class. Fifty-seven […]

[:pb]Synthesis and Evaluation of Anti-Tuberculosis and Anti-Cancer Activities of Hydrazones and N-Acylhydrazones by Using Sonochemistry, A New General Procedure[:]

[:pb]Authors: Pinto, Ligia S.; De Souza, M. V. N.; Kaiser, C. R. Source: Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, v. 14, p. 678-685, 2017 Publisher: Bentham Science Abstract Background: In continuation of our research on sonochemistry and due to the importance and application of hydrazones and N-acylhydrazones in drug discovery, in this work we report […]

[:pb]Sonochemistry as a General Procedure for the Synthesis of Coumarins¬, Including Multigram Synthesis[:]

[:pb]Authors: Pinto, L. S.; De Souza, M. V. N. Source: Synthesis-Stuttgart, v. 49, p. 2677-2682, 2017 Publisher: Thieme Connect Abstract This study describes a general procedure for the synthesis of different coumarins via sonochemistry using active methylene compounds and 2-hydroxybenzaldehydes or resorcinol. The application of sonochemistry for the synthesis of these compounds was also very […]

[:pb]Crystal structures of four 1-(aryl)-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]quinoxaline derivatives[:]

[:pb]Authors: Nogueira, T. C. M.; Pinheiro, A. C.; De Souza, M. V. N.; Baddeley, T. C.; Wardell, J. L.; Wardell, S. M. S. V. Source: Journal of Molecular Structure (Print), v. 1128, p. 579-589, 2017 Publisher: Science Direct Abstract The crystal structures of four 1-aryl-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]quinoxaline derivatives, 2, are reported: [aryl = 3-ClC6H4: 2a; 2-HOC6H4:2b;2,3-(HO)2C6H3: 2c; and 3,4-(MeO)2C6H3: 2d] The compounds, 2, were […]

[:pb]Crystal structures and Hirshfeld surface analyses of halogen substituted azine derivatives, 1,4-bis(halophenyl)-2,3-diazabuta-1,3-dienes[:]

[:pb]Authors: Correia, N. R. L.; Nogueira, Thais C. M.; Pinheiro, A. C.; De Souza, M. V. N.; Gomes, L. R.; Low, J. N. ; Wardell, J. L.; Wardell, S. M. S. V. Source: Zeitschrift Für Kristallographie – Crystalline Materials, v. 233, p. 135-143, 2018 Publisher: De Gruyter Abstract The crystal structures and Hirshfeld surface analyses are reported, from […]