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Drug repurposing of baricitinib for the treatment of Covid-19

Autores: de Souza, M. V. N.; Facchinetti, V.; Aboud, K. C. L.; da Penha, L. B.; Gomes, C. R. B.
Source: Conjecturas, v. 22, p. 1657-5830, 2022
Publisher:  Conjecturas


The drug repurposing strategy is widely used by the pharmaceutical industry nowadays. This strategy is based on researching the potential of some marketed drugs to treat different diseases. The main advantages of this approach are the considerable savings in time and commercialization cost due to the previous availability of a series of physical-chemical, pharmacological and toxicological data, among others. In this context, this strategy has been actively employed in the discovery of new drugs against COVID-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. One of these studies is based on the repurposing of Baricitinib, a drug originally employed to treat rheumatoid arthritis, which shows promising results against this disease and will be covered in this review paper.

Keywords: coronavirus, COVID-19, baricitinib, mechanism of action, pharmacology
Document Type: Research Article
DOI: 10.53660/CONJ-920-P61
Publication date: 30 de maio de 2022

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