Synthesis and antitubercular activity of novel Schiff bases derived from d-mannitol

Authors: Ferreira, M.L.; Vasconcelos, T.R.A.; Carvalho, E.M.; Lourenço, M.C.S.; Wardell, S.M.S.V.; Wardell, J.L.; Ferreira, V.F.; De Souza, M.V.N. Source: Carbohydrate Research (Chicago, Ill.. Print), p. 2042-2047, 2009. Publisher: Elsevier Abstract Six Schiff base derivatives of d-mannitol, 1,6-dideoxy-1,6-bis-{[(E)-arylmethylidene]amino}-d-mannitol (6: aryl = XC6H4: X = o-, m– and p– Cl or NO2), have been synthesized and evaluated for their in vitro […]

(Pyrazinecarbonyl)hydrazone halobenzaldehydes: supramolecular arrays generated by face to face stacking of ribbons, formed from C H O interactions

Authors: Baddeley, T.C.; Howie, R.A.; Lima, C.H.S.; Kaiser, C.R.; De Souza, M.V.N.; Wardell, J.L.; Wardell, S.M.S.V. Source: Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, v. 224, p. 506-514, 2009. Publisher: De Gruyter Abstract The crystal structures of seven (pyrazinecarbonyl)hydrazone mono-halo-benzaldehyde derivatives, N2C4H3CONHN=CHC6H4X (X = F, Cl or Br) are reported. In all cases, hydrogen-bonds link the planar molecules edge […]