[:pb]Crystal structures and Hirshfeld surfaces of differently substituted (E)-N′-benzyl­idene-N-methyl-2-(thio­phen-2-yl)acetohydrazides[:]

[:pb]Authors: Cardoso, L. N. F.; Nogueira, T. C. M.; Kaiser, C. R. ; Wardell, J. L.; De Souza, M. V. N.; Harrison, W. T. A.

Source: Acta Crystallographica Section e, Crystallographic Communications, v. 73, p. 1636-1641, 2017

Publisher: Crystallographic Communications


The syntheses and crystal structures of (E)-N′-(3-cyano­benzyl­idene)-N-methyl-2-(thio­phen-2-yl)acetohydrazide, C15H13N3OS, (I), and (E)-N′-(4-meth­oxy­benzyl­idene)-N-methyl-2-(thio­phen-2-yl)acetohydrazide, C15H16N2O2S, (II), with different substituents in the meta and para position of the benzene ring are described. Compounds (I) and (II) both crystallize with two mol­ecules in the asymmetric unit, with generally similar conformations [r.m.s. overlay fits for (I) and (II) of 0.334 and 0.280 Å, respectively] that approximate to L-shapes. The thio­phene rings in (I) are well ordered, whereas those in (II) exhibit `flip’ rotational disorder [occupancies 0.662 (2) and 0.338 (2) for mol­ecule 1, and 0.549 (3) and 0.451 (3) for mol­ecule 2]. The packing for (I) features short C—H...O inter­actions arising from the C—H grouping adjacent to the cyanide group and C—H...Nc (c = cyanide) links arising from the methine groups to generate [110] double chains. Weak C—H...π inter­actions inter­link the chains into a three-dimensional network. The packing for (II) features numerous C—H...O and C—H...π inter­actions arising from different donor groups to generate a three-dimensional network. Hirshfeld fingerprint plots indicate significant differences in the percentage contact surfaces for (I) and (II).

Keywords: crystal structure, carbohydrazide,methyl­ation,weak hydrogen bonds

Document Type: Research Article

DOI: 10.1107/S2056989017014384

Publication date: 13 de outubro de 2017


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